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What benefits PRAKRITI can provide you?

There are several benefits that PRAKRITI can provide if you associate with us:

1. Knowledge and skills of doing rooftop hydroponic for personal consumption and commercial scale.

2. Hands-on training and capacity building on full cycle of hydroponic.

3. Customised and prototype hydroponic stations that can fit in your balcony or anywhere that you may wish.

4. More importantly, help you train yourself as hydro growers, learning while doing approach. 

What We Offer

We are ready to offer specific products at PRAKRITI; 

1. exotic leaf (spinach, pok choy, lettuce, basil, thyme, asparagus)

2. Organic vegetable (egg plant, okra, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, cherry tomato and chilly

3. Prototye hydroponic stations

4. Biodegradable tableware (coming soon)

5. Milk and diary products (coming soon)

Customer can visit the farm and pick exotic leafs and vegetable at competitive rates. 

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